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Workshop on Module Development for KV-ZIET


HBCSE conducted a Workshop on Module Development on Science Through Investigation. The workshop is for Kendriya Vidyalaya School principals and senior teachers. The aim of the workshop wa to develop inquiry based science learning modules based on middle school science activities. The workshop will involve doing hands-on science activities through investigatory approach in groups.

The workshop was organized by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan -- Zonal Institute of Education & Training, Mumbai. It was held at KV-ZIET, Mumbai on 2,3,4 March 2015.


The following table shows the list of investigatory questions generated by the teachers. This investigation was conducted by the teachers during the workshop. Each investigation is connected with the related class and chapters.



Investigatory Questions

Members [Mentors]



G -1

Investigation of rate of absorption of heat by different materials in solids, liquids and also study the different mode of transfer of heat


Archana, Veena, Kalpana, Reddy [Vinod Sonawane]

Std. VII

Ch. 4: Heat

G - 2

To compare the cleansing action of detergents on greasy and non-greasy stains on a piece of cotton cloth

Neelima, Meghna, Naina [Meena Kharatmal]

Std. X

Ch. 4: Carbon and carbon compounds

G - 3

To compare and calculate the rate of transpiration in five different plants with same size of leaves

Arlene, Rita, Sandhya, Veronica [Narendra Deshmukh]

Std. VI

Std. VII

Std. IX

Std. X

Ch. 7: Plants

Ch. 1: Nutrition

Ch. 6: Tissues

Ch. 6: Life processes

G - 4

To find the nutrients present in different food materials

Snehal, Manjula, Anita [Meena Kharatmal]

Std. VI

Ch. 1: Food: Where does it come from?

Ch. 2: Components of food

G -5

Black colored objects do not reflect light

Dipti, Asha, Tripat [Vinod Sonawane]

Std. VI

Std. VII

Ch. 11: Light

Ch. 6: Heat & Light

G - 6

How do plants with colored leaves prepare food

Sugandhi, Rama, Mercy [Narendra Deshmukh]

Std. VII

Ch. 1: Nutrients in plants

G – 7

Does the size of particles in soil affect the water percolation and how

Sinha, Bisht, More, Dhaktode, Lakmaram, [Riyazuddin Shaikh]

Std. VII

Ch. 9: Soil


Full information regarding the documents, workhseets, talks of the workshop are available from the TPD Moodle website at:

Workshop Photos -- Courtesy ZIET Mumbai.