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Working Group Meeting


As part of the capacity building program of DIET faculty in Bihar and West Bengal, HBCSE organized a working group meeting of people who are parallely working on teacher professional development with common interest in the country. The focus of this meeting was to share plans and seek suggestions from peers and experts in the area.

Some of the issues that were discussed during the meeting:

  1. Building and making available resources of a high quality in the state languages

  2. Building connections between DIETs and institutions and organizations in the states that can potentially

  3. Exploring ways of updating and strengthening the D.Ed./ D.El.Ed. curriculum and syllabus

  4. Exploring ways of forging stronger links between pre-service/ in-service education and the work of teaching

  5. Exploring ways of working together to strengthen teacher education at the elementary level

Please see the tentative schedule of the working group meeting.