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DIET Survey Visit and Preliminary Workshop - West Bengal

Field Visits

During March 2012, a team of HBCSE members visited 7 DIETs --- Burdwan, Hoogly, Howrah, Murshidabad, Nadia, 24 Paraganas (North), 24 Paraganas (South) --- to assess the ground situation (1-2 March 2012).  The team comprised of four senior faculty members, three scientific officers and post­doctoral fellows, three research scholars, one project staff.

A team of two to three members visited each DIET, collected information on the basis of a questionnaire   and   prior   discussions   about   the   needs   and   requirements,   as   well   as   the facilities available. The team members interacted with the principals, faculty and student teachers in the DIETs and wrote detailed discussion reports.

Introductory Workshop

The DIET visit was followed by two-day workshop. In West Bengal the workshop was organized in DIET Hoogly from 3-4 March, 2012. The workshop included components such as analysing classroom teaching, students' thinking, activity based learning in science, connecting science learning with the local environment, learning from problems and hands-­on mathematics activities.


HBCSE Team Members: Minakshi Bhattacharya, Arindam Bose, N. D. Deshmukh, Karen Haydock, Meena Kharatmal, Arunachal Kumar, Prajakt Pande, Jayashree Ramadas, K. Subramaniam, Shikha Takker


A map showing DIETs visited in West Bengal. (Source: