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Capacity Building Program for DIETs, Bihar


HBCSE conducted a 12-day intensive residential course on "Building capacity for teacher development" for the DIET science and mathematics faculty of Bihar from 23 August to 3 September 2012 in HBCSE, Mumbai.

There were 39 participants from Bihar (3 SCERT, 13 DIETs, 20 PTECs, 3 Middle School) in the workshop.

The HBCSE resource persons for the course comprised of senior faculty, scientific officers, post-doctoral fellows, research scholars and project staff.

The day-wise schedule provides the details of the program for the workshop.

The focus of the workshop was to deploy the teacher educators with subject specific content knowledge, using various teaching methods, conducting hands-on activities, developing resources. The workshop  enabled the teacher educators to help them to transact the delivery to their student-teachers back in their own DIETs. As a strong point of the workshop,we emphasized to create interface between school education and teacher education, the workshop was build upon the material from school curriculum, D.Ed. curriculum.

The themes of the workshop were based around the areas of analyzing classroom teaching, analysis of textbook and curriculum material, students' thinking, readings of research materials, developing hands-on science activities through investigatory projects. The workshop was entirely participatory mode with discussion-based, activity based. Throughout the workshop, the teacher educators presented their work to their peers through presentations of their task assigned during the workshop. As part of the workshop, there were visits to science centre and beach.

Detailed, written feedback for each session was collected from the participants. The participants felt that this was a unique course in science and mathematics education and teacher education. The teacher educators particularly appreciated learning by an investigative approach as all of them got the opportunity to investigate and conduct science projects in the HBCSE labs for two weeks. Almost all the participants mentioned that the sessions were enriching and they would certainly use the experience in their teaching program.

  • HBCSE Resource Persons: S. C. Agarkar, Minakshi Bhattacharya, Arindam Bose, Indrani Das, N. D. Deshmukh, Rajkumar Diwakar, Vikrant Ghanekar, Akshay Gole, K. T. Hambhir, Karen Haydock, P. K. Joshi, Rakesh Joshi, Rajendra Kadam, Aaloka Kanhere, Tuba Khan, Rajesh Khaparde, Meena Kharatmal, Arunachal Kumar, Ruchi Kumar, A. T. Mavalankar, K. K. Mishra, Manoj Nair, Swapna Narvekar, Chitra Natarajan, Shirish Pathare, Prajakt Pande, Praveen Pathak, Jeenath Rahaman, Jayashree Ramadas, Saurav Shome, Gurinder Singh, Vijay Singh, Himanshu Srivastava, V. C. Sonawane, K. Subramaniam, Shikha Takker, Arsheya Taskeen



A map of Bihar showing number of districts represented in the workshop.

Group Photo of TPD Participants